We have one Paddy Free Cleaning Machines. For an hour, each machine can separate 10 tons of grains in terms of their quality.
After 10 percent moisture is reduced the grains are put into the boiler. The boiler is heated using steam and the grains are made to reduce the moisture. After 10 minutes of boiling, the grains are spread out in a dry place. THERMEX make FBC Boiler with 6 Metric Ton Capacity is used.
Paddy is converted to Rice. It cleans the Paddy and Converts into Quality Rice. This infra is used for Silky Polishing. We are having "BUHLER" make machines for this process.
The paddy dryer removes the moisture of the paddy. We have 2 paddy dryers each of 40 tons capacity.
  • LSU Type to ensure uniform and efficient drying
  • Faultless dust collection
  • Flexible discharge
  • Burner & Heat exchanger: Guarantees the supply of hot-air to wet paddy
  • Drying Section: LSU Type drying & uniform drying
  • Cooling Section: Maintain the paddy condition
  • Uniform Drying: Best Quality
Color sorters are imported from LONDON, U.K.  Color sorter sorts impurities, paddy, colored-rice, and stone from white rice.
  • Advanced method of sorting - both digital and sensors.
  • It has a fully automatic sense function and control.
  • Adopted by high speed ejectors, reduction of good rice from impurities will be sorted.
  • Easy change modes for brown rice, sticky rice, black rice and others.
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